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Introducing the Chemistry Made Simple Podcast

Have you listened to it yet?

The podcast is for you if you’re studying chemistry at A-Level or Advanced Higher.

As the name suggests, the intention is to make chemistry as simple as possible to understand. We’ll stick to the important details you need to know, the points that will make a difference to your progress and exam performance. We’ll help you make the grade.

Naturally, you’ll be able to download episodes to listen to whenever works best for you. Maybe on the commute to or from college, on a run, dog walk, in the gym or wherever. Or listen here.

The episodes will be short and to the point, and many will have a supplementary download available to help you further. There will be show notes found here on this site too.

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Got a Question for a Future Episode?

If you have a question or specific topic you would like to hear answered in an episode, just fill in the form and let me know:

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