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Is A-Level Chemistry Really THAT difficult?

Studying chemistry in sixth form can’t really be as difficult as people make out, can it?

Whether you’re just thinking about studying chemistry at A-Level or Highers, whether you’ve committed to do so, or whether you’ve already started your course you will be aware of all the rumours and worries about what it’s like and how difficult it is.

In this episode we look at these questions and concerns about A-Level chemistry:

  • The chemistry is a big step up!
  • Is memorising the syllabus enough?
  • Is it starting again in chemistry?
  • Did GCSE chemistry lie to me?
  • Does getting a good GCSE grade mean I’ll get a good A-Level grade?
  • There’s a lot of calculations
  • The maths is very hard
  • the exams are very difficult and require lots of understanding

Hear my golden rule about getting all the exam marks you deserve.

I also give quick tips of what you should include in your answers.

Find out how I can help you throughout your chemistry A-Level here.

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