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My Mission

My name is Matthew and my mission is to help you to get your best possible grade in your chemistry studies at school. I aim to boost your chemistry confidence and help you achieve the grade you want.

I believe the best way to do this is to help you understand the chemistry concepts in the syllabus, and to make them as simple as possible. This includes doing plenty of walkthrough examples with you so that we add the “how” to the “why”. In other words showing you as well as telling you. Improving your confidence as well as your understanding will enable you to improve, advance and succeed in your studies.

I also believe that your success isn’t just about learning, but also mentoring and exam practice, and I want to guide you in this too.

In short, I take a holistic approach to equipping you to be the best chemistry student you can be.

My Values

Every chemistry student has the potential to be successful and to achieve great things. I value you enormously and equally regardless of you starting point, your achievements to date, your background or any other characteristic.

Authenticity is one of my key values; it’s very important to me. You won’t find anything fake or any pretense in my teaching, my website or my publicity. I don’t pay affiliate marketers and you won’t find “brand ambassadors” giving paid-for testimonials.

I believe in giving something back if I am fortunate enough to be able to. There are many needs in the world and some of these are for the things we could easily take for granted.

One of those things is water. Whilst we usually have clean water for drinking, cooking, our hygiene and toilets readily available in our homes, this isn’t the case for countless millions. Availability of clean water changes lives for the better, and that is why we pledge to give a portion of our net income to WaterAid, the international charity who are improving lives with water every day. Read more about the work and organisation WaterAid.


I’m a career chemist with a passion for helping others to understand the subject. I have had the fulfilling privilege of helping many students, mostly with A Level and GCSE level studies but also undergraduates.

My interest in chemistry was sparked by an inspirational teacher at school. From this spark grew a love of this vast subject – the study of all matter and its reactions. This love became a career and a vocation, a mission if you will. I gained experience in a variety of chemistry disciplines and turned my hand to what I love most in the chemistry world – helping students who want to be their best chemist. Driven to help more students, I have developed the Chemistry Made Simple resources.

I’m a graduate in applied chemistry and an active member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. I’m married to Andrea, and have two stepchildren. We are dog lovers and are guardians to a Patterdale Terrior.